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Eleven11 Affirmations

Our Story & Meet the Founder

Eleven11 believes that words have a powerful impact on your daily life. Like prayers and mantras, one sentence can have the power to change the course of your entire day. Affirmation Cards are a powerful tool to transform thoughts of anxiety, stress, or worry and start living the life you deserve.

Each deck of the 48 positive affirmation cards delivers everything you need to hear with perfect gentleness. These inspiring messages by Atiya Bloom and original artwork by Dawn Rose are the perfect addition to your daily routine and molding a positive mindset.

Eleven11 Affirmation Cards can be used in an endless number of ways: meditation, journal prompts, or in combination with tarot cards. Take a deep breath, shuffle the cards and open your heart to their guidance.


Atiya Bloom is the owner of Eleven11 Affirmations, inspirational blogger, influencer, and co-founder of The Write Hire digital marketing agency. Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina her heart and home currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where Eleven11 Affirmations was launched in November 2018. As a natural-born leader, lightworker, and certified Reiki practitioner Atiya Bloom creates offerings to help others connect with their best lives. Her products, content, and events heal the binds of destructive thought patterns through personal development and spiritual modalities.