3 Daily Reflection Questions To Live the Life You Love

Asking yourself daily questions might seem obvious as you’re mumbling, “where are my keys?” before your early commute, or “do I really need this job?” before heading into the office.  However, there are deeper questions in life whose answers lie beneath the surface of all the rushed morning routines, never-ending to-do lists, and endless household chores.

Stephanie Be is a spiritual blogger, stay at home mom, homemaker, and self-proclaimed Umi to Galactic Lotus Star Child, King Be. She’s obsessed with self-love, healing, and nurturing.  Below, Steph will walk you through her personal journey to developing the practice of asking yourself daily questions and even share some examples to help get you started!

At the close of this article, you’ll find where I give daily questions a try for the first time. Are you ready to live the life you love?


Stephanie Be’s 3 Daily Questions to Live the Life You Love

Daily questions is a practice of introspection for me. I started this practice for many reasons, but specifically, to cope with the realization that I was experiencing postpartum depression. This started after giving birth to my Star Child.

One day, my inner dialogue became uber clear but did not match my aspirations of what I wanted that inner talk to be.

I knew my inner dialogue had to change, and I was the only person who could change it. So, I started taking the initiative to change my self-talk.  Through self-observation, I was able to align and conjure up questions I felt would propel me spiritually, mentally and physically.

I’ll share a few of my favorites with you!

Every day I ask myself these questions: 

1. Who are you today?

Every day, we wake up with a renewed heart and a clear mind. Each rising grants us the perfect opportunity to show the world who we are. Introspectively, we can also shine a light on the darker parts of us.  By asking this question, we become aware of what we need internally to cater to our own needs and fill our own cups.

2. How is your heart today?

There are days that we rise and we overlook our heart’s sensations. Instead, we can meet ourselves where we are in that moment and plan the day around it. This is only possible if we know what condition our heart is in.

3. What does it feel like to be alive and in this body today?

I believe that we are spirits having a human experience. This question encourages me to slow down and acknowledge my whole self – the spiritual being and physical body. It is also a gentle reminder that there are more pieces of us that need tending too, aside from just the physical body. I like to say that if we are intentional, we can live life as if we are tourists – seeing the world through a new lens and outlook. Similar to a tourist, ask yourself, “what is there to do today?”   

Developing your own daily questions starts with momentum, or finding the mental and emotional energy to visualize your goals.

If you truly desire,  you’ll be able to observe your current state of being and access your wants and needs.  This will bring you to discover the gaps and necessary actions to detach from all that you are not, or all that creates resistance toward achieving your goals. This practice of daily questions to ask yourself also aligns you with the highest version of yourself to also access your highest truths. Essentially, ask yourself what you need and how you are able to satisfy those needs in a healthy way.

-Steph Be

Eleven11’s Atiya Bloom Asks Herself Daily Questions

1. Who are you today?

Today, I am focused and energized. I have a clear vision of what my goals are and how to achieve them. My existing relationships are nurtured, and I  remain open to new connections that allow me to reach new heights and help others along the way. I get things done, and done well.

2. How is your heart today?

I feel guilty. It feels like the to-do list continues to grow, but I’m not making as much progress as I would like. Today, I’ll remain focused, but also gentle with myself. I’ll plan my day to allow time for me to complete good work without rushing, or feeling as though I haven’t done enough at the end of the day. Today, I will acknowledge everything that I have done instead of dwelling in those feelings of lack and scarcity. I am enough!

3. What does it feel like to be alive and in this body today?

It feels wondrous to have this body and spiritual connection that grants me the vision to act on my goals. In the same token, my body is tired. I will continue to seek a greater balance between work and rest.

Daily questions to ask yourself is a practice that I’m looking forward to implementing into my morning routine.

The exercise really helped me understand myself, ground, and draw my attention to the things that matter most in my world. If I had one closing question to add to Stephanie Be’s list, that would be, ‘how are you’?

We’re asked this question several times throughout the day, and the question is often posed by strangers. Do you usually give an honest answer? I think this question, with the sum of the other 3 questions allows us to be truly honest with ourselves. If the answer is not great, swell, wonderful, or some other like-term, meditate on how you can transform and transition your way to contentment and happiness.

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