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The month begins with Venus gifting you with some extra support from your tribe. Try not to be too prideful if you need help with something. The new moon on the 11th invites you to dream of a better future. What impact do you want to make on the world around you?  Around the middle of the month, be mindful of inner tension surrounding  your increased need for freedom and your desire to be financially secure. On the 20th, Mercury goes direct helping you get more clear about your purpose and what matters to you the most. Towards the end of the month, an opportunity to shift your career in a new direction can be the change that you need to settle your restless spirit.

Self Love Affirmation: All that I need to move forward is within me.


February is a busy month for you that will require some extra grace and self-care. There’s a lot of action taking place in regards to your career and social status. When Venus meets up with the New Moon on the 11th, an opportunity to showcase your expertise may present itself. Be mindful of power struggles with authority figures around the 17th. If you need to vent, call up a friend instead of sending that angry email to your boss. Tensions should smooth out once Mercury goes direct on the 20th. As hectic as the month has been, the Full Moon invites you to put your to-do list to the back burner to enjoy some much needed time for romance & play.

Self Love Affirmation: My actions support my highest potential.


With Venus in Aquarius, cabin fever may be getting the best of you which could have you spending your days exploring AirBnB + Pinterest for your next vacay. The New Moon on the 11th invites you to expand your knowledge on a topic of interest by enrolling in school or a workshop. When the Sun shifts into Pisces, it’s time to show the world what makes you magical. Increased popularity and recognition is likely during this time. Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes direct on the 20th helping you get clear about your beliefs and how to put them into action. Success isn’t defined by how much you can acquire but instead is a reflection of your integrity. Live your life by your own rules.

Self Love Affirmation: Any doubts that I have about who I am are replaced with belief in my success.


The beginning of the month is a bit more quiet for you as you gain some deeper awareness about your psychological hang ups that interfere with your self-expression. The New Moon on the 11th offers just the reset you need so you can allow the real you to shine. When the Sun shifts into Pisces, you’re encouraged to focus on your spiritual development by studying some of your favorite philosophies. You could even find yourself attracting more spiritually-evolved people to assist you in this process. The Full Moon on the 27th reminds you to be kind to yourself. Your confidence and ability to succeed relies on you speaking life over yourself so get into those affirmations!

Self Love Affirmation: I shower myself with words of encouragement and speak gently to my heart.


Your relationships take center stage this month making it important for you to be clear with your boundaries. Now is the time to communicate your expectations to others and the New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set the tone within your most significant relationships. Around the middle of the month, be mindful of power struggles with an authority figure. If you need to postpone a conversation to regain your zen, do so by all means. Once Mercury goes direct, you should have an easier time getting your point across. Towards the end of the month, a positive breakthrough has you feeling more supported than ever before.

Self Love Affirmation: I embrace the full range of my energy and emotions. I allow myself to feel. 


During the first part of the month, your practical affairs require your attention. Check off those tasks on your to-do list, tidy up your office, and schedule your annual health screenings. When the Sun shifts into Pisces, partnerships and contracts are the main focus making this a good time to revisit existing commitments. Once Mercury goes direct, you’ll be more clear about your strategy in making your wishes & dreams come true. Magic is in the air when Venus enters Pisces inviting you to surrender to love & romance. The month wraps up with a Full Moon in your sign helping you get clear about the unique purpose you’re meant to serve in this lifetime.

Self Love Affirmation: I am sure of my ability to manifest my dreams.



February encourages you to nurture your inner child and indulge in some romance. Try not to overthink your dating life during this time and just have fun with it. The New Moon invites you to start a new project or pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. You could be feeling torn between responsibilities and leisure around the middle of the month but this too shall pass. Once Mercury goes direct, you’ll have more clarity on the direction of a romantic relationship. When the Sun and Venus shift into Pisces, it may be hard to keep your head out of the clouds. Make sure to schedule some time to daydream into your daily routine.

Self Love Affirmation: I know who I am at my core. I take stock of my life and impact.



You may feel more inclined to spend time at home this month binge watching your fave Netflix series and cuddling up with bae. The New Moon on the 11th encourages you to reconnect with your roots and your sense of emotional security. What activities make you feel centered within yourself? Be mindful of inner tension related to family expectations around the middle of the month. When the Sun and Venus meet up in Pisces, there’s magic all around you. You’re a vessel for creativity making this the perfect time to explore that hobby you’ve been longing to explore.

Self Love Affirmation: I have the strength to keep going. I know my path leads to peace.



Your inner dialogue has the power to build or destroy. Be mindful of your thought patterns and take the time to explore the origin of them especially when it comes to pursuing your dreams. How are you talking yourself out of what you deeply desire? The New Moon offers a reset inviting you to lay the groundwork for a new narrative that empowers you. When the Sun and Venus meet up later in the month, you can experience a deeper sense of peace by taking accountability for emotional well-being. Mom and Dad may not have showed up for you the way that you needed but you have the opportunity to give yourself the support you’ve been craving. The month wraps up with a Full Moon encouraging you to close out a chapter in your career in pursuit of a better path.

Self Love Affirmation: I love myself with no exceptions.



The beginning of February invites you to recognize the value in your gifts and talents. You can go a lot further in your life with a more confident attitude. The New Moon could even present an opportunity to monetize your talents. When the Sun shifts into Pisces, your words are like spells so use them wisely in manifesting your dreams. On the 25th, Venus moves into this same part of your chart which has you drawn to more of the intellectual type specifically when it comes to love & romance. The month wraps up with a Full Moon in your sister sign which has you craving deeper experiences in life. You may have the desire to give back in some way which can be just what you need to reignite your sense of purpose.

Self Love Affirmation: Light and darkness are inevitable. I fully acknowledge my true self.


Happy birthday to the February Aquarians! The first part of the month has you feeling blessed and highly favored with Venus transiting your sign. The New Moon invites you to reintroduce yourself to the world whether you’re getting a makeover, changing the trajectory of your career, or simply making some lifestyle changes. Embrace the winds of change. You may be feeling a little conflicted around the 17th between the expectations of your family and who you are as an individual. Choosing yourself doesn’t mean you’re abandoning loved ones. Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 20th shifting your thoughts from cloudy to crystal clear. When the Sun and Venus shift into Pisces later in the month, you’ve got the Midas touch making this a magical time for your financial growth and security.

Self Love Affirmation: I choose to stop apologizing for being my true self. I allow the real me to shine.


The beginning of the month invites you to take the time that you need to reflect, rest, and reconnect with your Higher Power to charge up for your birthday season. The New Moon offers you some necessary closure and a glimpse into the future possibilities. What you’re leaving behind doesn’t compare to what you’re stepping into. The Sun shifts into your sign on the 18th restoring your vitality and passion for life. When Venus enters your sign, you’re a magnet for opportunities and relationships that value your magical essence and abilities. Your ancestors are near when Jupiter trines the N. Node. Heed their guidance in healing your family lineage and paving a better way for those to come. The month wraps up with a Full Moon which could have you severing ties in a relationship or contract. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

Self Love Affirmation: The more that I practice loving myself, the more loveable I become.


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Dani Simone, also known as The Mystic Model, is a self-taught Tarot reader based in Atlanta, GA. Her Tarot journey began in 2014 after experiencing a major shake up in her life that led her deeper into her relationship with Spirit and closer to her life’s calling. After spending a few years reading Tarot as a part of her own spiritual and healing practice, she launched her services as The Mystic Model in 2017 in hopes of sharing this insightful divination tool with others. You can connect with Dani at, on Instagram @TheMysticModel, and you can read her monthly publications at XoNecole.


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