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After spending an abnormal amount of time in your sign, your ruling planet Mars, says goodbye as it transitions into down-to-earth Taurus gifting you with a steady pace of energy towards your financial goals. When Venus shifts into Capricorn then meets up with the New Moon on the 13th inviting you to connect with power players that can take you to the next level professionally. A new opportunity or important figure of support enters your life as confirmation that your hard work has been paying off. On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius encouraging you to network and make your presence known on social media. As the pioneer of the zodiac, your progressive ideas can take you far. The Full Moon on the 28th catapults you into the spotlight. It's your time to shine, Aries! The month comes to a close with the 1st Mercury Retrograde of the year encouraging you to revisit old connections + dreams that nurture your inner weirdo.
Self-Love Affirmation: I am learning to love and enjoy my own company.


The New Year kicks off with Mars entering your sign after spending six months in Aries. During the next few months, you'll have more energy than usual so make it a priority to start the year off strong to get ahead of the game. When Mercury enters Aquarius, your innovative ideas are proving that you have what it takes to be in a position of leadership. Around the middle of the month, Venus + the Moon link up motivating you to expand your horizons. A new mentor may appear around this time to help guide you in this next phase of your journey. On the 14th, Uranus finally goes direct in your sign helping you anchor your genius ideas into the physical realm. When Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th, you may feel restless but this is simply dormant creative potential waiting to be expressed. The Full Moon on the 28th could result in some changes on the home front whether you're buying, selling, or renovating.The month wraps up with Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius giving you a chance to revamp your career strategy for optimal, and easy, success.
Self-Love Affirmation: My body, mind, and soul are a perfect picture of health.


January begins with Mercury entering Aquarius giving you a chance to share your inner genius with a larger audience. An opportunity to teach, lead, or guide others with the wisdom of your personal experiences may present itself in the next couple of months. Be mindful of your anxiety around the 17th caused by a tense aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. All of the attention you're receiving may be a little overwhelming so make sure to prioritize your need for solitude as well. On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius which has you even more curious than usual. Spend the next month learning about a new topic or diving deeper into something you're already familiar with. If you're planning on launching anything online, try to do so by the Full Moon on the 28th. Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 30th inviting make sure you've dotted all of your i's and crossed your t's.
Self-Love Affirmation: I say "no" with ease and confidence.


The New Year kicks off with Mars moving into Taurus after wreaking havoc on you during its six month transit through Aries. No worries though. Mars is now working in harmony with you--specifically within your social network and friendships making this a powerful time of feeling supported and nurtured by others. When Venus enters Capricorn, you're attracting more serious romantic suitors and business partnerships. The New Moon on the 13th could have you signing your name on a contract that will likely result in a long-term arrangement. On the 14th, Uranus goes direct in Taurus bringing some pleasant surprises that (re)align you with your destined path. January comes to a close with the first Mercury Retrograde of the year helping you detach from a situation that was heavily charged with emotional anguish. This is an auspicious time to gain a bird's eye view of any traumatic or painful experiences you've endured to ultimately extract the wisdom and the opportunity for growth.
Self-Love Affirmation: I am free to make my own choices and decisions.


There's a lot of action taking place for you this month making it vital for you to keep a regular grounding practice to navigate these changing energies. On the 6th, Mars enters Taurus which has you feeling the pressure to make some strides within your career. When Mercury enters Aquarius which could have you securing a contract or partnership through your online business. Uranus goes direct on the 14th which could result in a surprising turn of events that skyrockets you towards greater success. Be mindful of Jupiter square Uranus around the 14th as relationships with authority figures may get a little testy. On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius encouraging you to connect with other movers and shakers. The Full Moon in your sign on the 28th is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. The month wraps up with Mercury going retrograde giving you the opportunity to revise contracts & agreements to make sure all parties are working towards a common vision.
Self-Love Affirmation: I have complete permission to change my mind.


The New Years begins with Mars entering Taurus after a six-month stint in Aries. The next couple of months has you making some consistent efforts in furthering your education or expounding upon your spiritual wisdom. When Venus enters Capricorn, your love life sweetens up with the potential of attracting someone in a position of power & influence. The New Moon on the 13th is a perfect time for a fresh project to get you feeling inspired again. On the 14th, Uranus goes direct which could have you experiencing some profound insights that expand your conscious awareness. When Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th there could be some inner tension between your need for routine and the desire for freedom. The Full Moon on the 28th could provide clarity directly from Source as to how you can find your sweet spot in the midst of opposing wants/needs/desires. The month ends with the first Mercury Retrograde of the year inviting you to revisit an old wellness routine that you'll need to navigate overstimulation & burnout.
Self-Love Affirmation: I am enough.


January begins with Mercury moving into Aquarius on the 8th encouraging you to revamp your profile on your favorite dating app. If romance isn't on your agenda, connecting with others to bring your creative vision to life is favored during this transit. When Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th, love matters could be triggering feelings of possessiveness or jealousy. A talk with your therapist can help you get to the root of these feelings. The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th encouraging you to make some time for play & adventure. A vacation with friends may be just what you need to nurture your inner child. On the 28th, the Full Moon is the perfect time to launch that project you've been working on. Don't be afraid to share your dreams whether it be amongst your friends or in that new Clubhouse group. The month winds down with Mercury going retrograde giving you a chance to make some final edits on a project or tie up some loose ends with a romantic interest.
Self-Love Affirmation: My opinion of myself is the only opinion that matters.


The month ahead is packed with action for you kicking off with Mars entering Taurus for the next couple of months helping you exert more energy towards your most valued connections and alliances. On the 8th Mercury enters Aquarius inviting you to redefine what family means to you. When Venus and the Moon meet up in Capricorn you're attracting more serious contenders when it comes to romance. Uranus goes direct on the 14th which could cause a minor shake up in a relationship that ultimately gives you a chance to restructure the connection in a better way. When Jupiter squares Uranus, be mindful of the way you're communicating as your emotions may be a little more erratic than usual. On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius which has you dreaming up your idea of the perfect home. January comes to a close with the first Mercury Retrograde of the year making this a good time to start planning for your relocation. Just hold off until later in March to actually make your move.
Self-Love Affirmation: I know who I am at my core. I take stock of my life and impact.


The New Year kicks off with Mercury entering Aquarius heightening both your desire to learn and to connect with others. Be mindful of overstimulating yourself particularly around the 17th when Jupiter squares Uranus. You're a walking antennae receiving an influx of ideas and spiritual insights. Make sure to write things down to alleviate potentially overwhelming emotions. When the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, building your social media presence may be a top priority over the next few weeks. On the 28th, the Full Moon in Leo encourages you to spread your wings and show the world what you've got. Your moment of fame has arrived. Don't be shy! January comes to a close with Mercury going retrograde giving you a chance to revise any written projects or revisit something you've been learning to really make sure you've grasped the concept.
Self-Love Affirmation: My needs can no longer be neglected. I choose to show up for myself.


January begins with Mars finally leaving Aries after a six-month stint and enters Taurus creating a harmonious aspect for you when it comes to creativity and romance. On the 8th, Venus enters your sign making you a magnet for money and love. When the New Moon in your sign takes place this is the perfect time to reinvent yourself with a makeover. On the 14th, Uranus goes direct which can result in an unexpected, but welcome, surprise from a romantic suitor. Your creative genius is at its peak around this time so make sure to use this energy to your advantage. When the Sun enters Aquarius, you're focused on getting to the bag. Think outside of the box for that million dollar idea. The Full Moon on the 28th serves as a breakthrough for healing inner child wounds and trauma that prohibit you from expressing yourself more authentically. The month wraps up with Mercury going retrograde inviting you to reassess your budget and your prices. Charge what you're worth and add tax!
Self-Love Affirmation: My mistakes are not a reflection of who I am. I embrace the lessons from my past.


The New Year kicks off with Mars entering Taurus which has you directing most of your energy towards home & family. Indulge in your creature comforts over the next couple of months to ground your energy. On the 8th, Mercury moves into your sign amping up your to-do list and your email inbox. When Uranus goes direct on the 14th, there may be a little shake up on the home front requiring you to think on your toes to find a solution. When Jupiter squares Uranus, emotions may be erratic but a breakdown may be the breakthrough needed to help you understand a situation with more clarity. Your birthday season begins on the 19th making it a good time to reintroduce the new you to the world. The Full Moon on the 28th shines the light on your relationships encouraging you to reevaluate which connections nurture your inner superstar and which ones just want to dim your shine. The month winds down with Mercury going retrograde in your sign giving you (and others) a chance to tie up loose ends in the connection.
Self-Love Affirmation: There is no limit to the number of times I forgive myself. This love is unconditional.


January begins with Mars entering Taurus on the 6th helping you take a steady, grounded approach to any new topic you want to educate yourself on. If you're a writer or public speaker, this is a good time to work on new content that can ultimately help you earn more cash. On the 8th, Venus enters Capricorn helping you attract just the right people to help you take your dream a step further. The New Moon reminds you that "teamwork makes the dream work". Be open to making new friends or expanding your social network. On the 14th, Uranus goes direct, giving you a stroke of genius that will take that novel of yours to best-seller status. When the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you're invited to chill out and disconnect from the world in preparation for your birthday season. The month wraps up with Mercury going retrograde encouraging you to let go of any fears of being your true self and expressing it. It's time to come out of the shadow
Self-Love Affirmation: I am ready to work and willing to wait. Each is worth the reward.


Eleven11 Affirmations' monthly horoscopes are written by our resident astrologer, Dani Simone. Each affirmation is pulled from our Affirmation Card decks available in the inspirational gift shop

Dani Simone, also known as The Mystic Model, is a self-taught Tarot reader based in Atlanta, GA. Her Tarot journey began in 2014 after experiencing a major shake up in her life that led her deeper into her relationship with Spirit and closer to her life’s calling. After spending a few years reading Tarot as a part of her own spiritual and healing practice, she launched her services as The Mystic Model in 2017 in hopes of sharing this insightful divination tool with others. You can connect with Dani at, on Instagram @TheMysticModel, and you can read her monthly publications at XoNecole.


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