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Positive Thoughts.

The words we speak and the thoughts we think have tremendous impact on our everyday lives. Doubt, fear, and insecurity are all negative thoughts that discourage us from moving forward in life. But imagine if you believed that each day was the best day ever and that you’re the best ever! Think about the things you would say and how your thoughts and behaviors might change. Now compare this to the thoughts and feelings associated with a bad day. Which would you prefer - to think positively or negatively?

Start each morning and end each day with your affirmation and watch how your life can change when your mind focuses on the positive. This daily training of positive thinking can help change our perspective on life events.

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Customer Reviews

“These are great at helping me get through stressful days. I struggle with anxiety & depression and I’m learning how to stop my negative thought processes. These cards have been an uplifting way of helping me with my goal.”


About the Founder

ELEVEN11 Affirmations, LLC is owned by Atiya Bloom, lifestyle blogger at The Bloom Blog and serial entrepreneur.

Eleven11 Affirmations was born out of the support from Atiya Bloom's Instagram followers toward her daily affirmation posts on Instagram Stories. Each morning, she would create and post a positive message followed by an interactive bar, asking her followers to attract the positive statement into their lives.

Atiya Bloom, soon became known as one of the go-to influencers for positive energy, inspiration, and affirmations on Instagram. The positive affirmation cards have since replaced the daily Instagram Story posts to allow Atiya Bloom's followers to draw upon this inspiration whenever their heart desires.

Daily affirmations will help you be proactive in keeping your mind focused on the positive. Each unique massage will remind you, every day, that life is good and there are so many reasons to love the life you live.


What’s Included & How to Use Affirmation Cards

The Eleven11 Affirmations Cards deck includes 50 beautifully designed affirmation cards with unique positive messages to better your day:

Plus 2 Blank Cards to write your own affirmations

Smooth Card Stock, Gloss Finish, Carefully Shrink Wrapped

How to Use Your Affirmation Cards

There are a number of ways to use your affirmation cards:

-Shuffle the cards at random then pull a card when you need inspiration.
-Journal with your cards.
-Share them with friends, family, or even strangers
-Daily or weekly draws
-Pull a card and meditate on it’s meaning in your life.
-Learn more about affirmations on our blog

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