About Us

Eleven11 is your home for positive affirmation cards and personal development. Founded by Atiya Bloom in 2018, she created a vision to provide easy-to-use tools for transformation and transcending self-destructive behaviors. The intention behind Eleven11 is to bring people together on their healing journey, and offer an invitation to move into deeper awareness with themself and the universe. Our intentionally curated products and spiritual affirmation cards help you introduce positive thinking into your everyday life and unravel limiting mindsets. In its rawest form, Eleven11 encourages people to heal through their trauma, so we can show up better for one another.

Meet Atiya Bloom 

Atiya Bloom is a natural-born leader, lightworker, and certified Reiki practitioner. Her products, content, and events heal the binds of destructive thought patterns through personal development and spiritual modalities. She first felt inspired to work with personal development practices and spiritual tools when healing her own relationship with depression and anxiety. Since then, she has built 10+ years of experience learning different healing modalities and opening to her innate healing nature. 
Atiya aims to help people navigate their own challenges with more ease like she did for herself. She has a gift for holding space for black women, and creating safe, secure offerings that support all women. One of her future goals is to create resources for childhood development starting by providing transformative tools for guardians and parents. Her vision is to lay down the foundations parents need to support the healthy development of children. 
Working with Atiya is both light and empowering, as she invites you to see the influence of your own self-sabotage, untruth, and fear based rules blocking your highest potential. With her gentle, yet rooted presence, you’re able to clear and obtain new perspectives that give you hands-on practices for claiming your self-sovereign power. Atiya’s favorite way to connect back within her own body is through free movement dance and restorative meditation.

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